Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Card Holder

I did some googling and pinteresting and came up with a plan to make a large card holder to hold all the awesome holiday greetings from our friends and family. I wanted to use the new silver and gold Duct tape I picked up at Target. I also had to not damage our walls with holes.  So, a plan was hatched and it took me three days to get it right. I purchased Command Mini Strips to hold the yarn on the wall. I got this idea and tutorial from My Poppet. However I could not get the command strips to adhere to my walls. We just painted and it's a bit cool outside, so these little things gave me some trouble. I ended up using tiny stick pins and hammered them into the middle of the Command Strips to the wall.  I wanted to avoid putting any holes in the wall, but after hours of being completely frustrated, we have little holes in the wall. 

we cut stripes of gold and silver duct tape and placed them on our wood clothes pins
Duct Tape is hard to cut, good luck!

Here's my first design...I later added a lot more lines, and decided to go with simple.

I used tinsel ribbon for the star on top!
Our finished project.  I love it!

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