Saturday, December 22, 2012

non stop crafting around here

Happy Holidays Friends! we been having a blast getting ready for Santa to come visit. We've been busy making stuff.  
Homemade clay ornaments, I poked around Pinterst and found an easy cornstarch and baking soda recipe.  Messy and fun. 

Everyone loves a fiddle leaf ficus right.  Well, we're hoping so.  I dipped the Terracotta pots in paint to make them more modern.

I luv the drips going up

 my dripping technique

In process
we also made some sugar cookies
Here's our works of art. 
So I bought the kids some craft kits at Target for Christmas and realized I really got them for me.  These are Charlie Harper wood birdies, we're going to turning them into ornaments and put on the tree next year.

Here's are little modern bird family!

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