Friday, January 25, 2013

Janurary Stuff

Hello Friends, Happy 2013! This year has been non stop fun so far and I'm trying to figure out how to fit blogging into my life these days. For now I'll share some of our fun in pictures.
Our succulents are happy winter is here.   I love to see all the fresh green growth in the center of these plants.

Dreaming of warmer weather so I can hang out here again.
We watched a you tube video and whipped up these duct tape Bow Ties for school spirit day!

Did you know if you put a marshmallow in the microwave for a minute, it gets all fluffy and melted? 

MLK day was spent in the RV at the beach. 

I painted this recently.  I need to add to my Etsy store.

After 12 years, I hiked out from my house to the wetlands.  So funny I always drive there.  

pretty tree

I spyed some local graffiti. 

I had a commission from my daughter. 

Here's another painting of mine, I just framed it and hung it in the living room. 

I wish I could paint everyday. There, I said it. I love to paint. It makes me happy.  Universe are you listening?

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