Saturday, February 23, 2013

February stuff

We made a gold ninjago box for my sons Valentines. We used Gold spray paint and a Sharpy to do this. So simple, he loved it and now he has a place to store all his little ninjago ninjas.

This adorable broken pigeon decided to live at our house for 24 hours. We seriously fell for this little birdy. We called him kickstand, cause his messed up wing dragged on the ground.

My fish tail braid. I still need to work on my technique. My long hair is always a crazy mess. Everyday day is like a new crazy hair adventure. Pinterest has opened a whole new hair world to me. I love the tutorials.

Our new sputnik chandelier.

I'm teaching myself how to paint. Here's my attempt at a landscape. This is Yosemite at sunset. This is a meadow we ride our bikes to, drink some vino and be one with nature as the sun lowers in he sky. Oh, I miss this place.

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