Monday, September 2, 2013

End of summer adventures

It's our last weekend of summer before the kids go back to school. We packed a lot of fun in and we made some awesome family memories.  I feel so lucky to have the chance to explore with my family so often.    

We went on a night hike.  At the end we met this guys hanging out by the showers.  I freakin love frogs.  I wish we could have made him a pet.  But we let him be.

My son spied this white morning glory in the dark.  Everything was pretty much black except for these.

Hello Good Year Blimp.  This one went right over the house.  So cool!

We camped locally and loved it.  The sunsets have been amazing lately.

We camped with this rabbit.

Nice, Right?

I took the kids for donuts and had my first Cronut.  It was good, but, chocolate would have been better. 

got my fishin' on again. 

I have rad friends, they helped clean up the garden.  This was the cucumber harvest.  The little onions on the left were delicious.  I'm mentally gearing up for how much time I need to give the garden right now. 

We spend a lot of time at the beach.  I usually just sit and chill.  Last week, right when we got to the beach we noticed dolphins.  This is normal at our beaches.  However, it was a little dolphin family, baby dolphins and all.  The stayed at our little beach all day.  It was amazing and exciting to watch the dolphins teach the little ones.  They were doing jumps and gave us a wonderful show all day. 

My latest painting.  We spent a weekend in Arrowhead recently and my friends have an art studio in the basement.  I was in heaven.  It was fun to paint in a new space.  I came home and cleaned up my garage/studio space so I can paint.  I can't wait to get started this week on new projects. 

I took the last month off from the gym.  It was hard for me.  My body needed a rest.   I did manage one hike. 
This summer went by really fast.  We spent weeks camping at the beach and weeks camping in the mountains.   Our family is so much fun.  

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