Monday, November 11, 2013

Craft Lab: wall hanging

I haven't crafted in so long.  Life is just different, my time is spent on other things.  I miss crafting.  So here's my first attempt at fiber art.
Planning out my colors.  My sister in law is an avid knitter, so I asked here if she had any remnant yarn balls.  Ask and you shall receive, I got a huge bag from her!  
I used a tutorial I found on Creative Bug.  I basically just made huge loops of the yarn.  Each color is a different length.  I had a nice piece of wood left over from our remodel, so I cut it to length.  I just glued the yarn loops onto the wood.  After it was dry, I cut the loops at the bottom.  Once I hung the wall hanging on the wall I trimmed the bottom edge kinda like cutting bangs.
Here's it is all hung up and trimmed.  This was very easy to make and kinda of free cause I had everything on hand.  It was nice to get my craft on.  

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