Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some New Art- Shrinky DInks Framed

I was asked to help out with a classroom art project that would be auctioned off at a school event.  So I hit up Pinterest and came up with a cool idea.

This is a screen shot of the image from Pinterest.  There was no website to link it too.  I just figured it was done with Shrinky Dinks.  

Here's the shapes the class made.

 I brought in plastic cups with different in diameters for them to trace circles.  Then,  the kids colored the plastic Shrinky Dinks with colored Sharpy Markers.  Lastly, the kids cut out the shapes.

These were fifth graders, so they did an excellent job.

Here's the final Classroom Art Project.
 My Mother in Law really liked the finished project and was bummed she didn't win the art at the auction.  So, another idea was hatched.  At Thanksgiving, I brought over all the supplies and together as a family we all made shapes.  I love the idea of everyone being involved.  Here's the final project.

Here it is on the wall.

Finding the right order to place all the shapes is part of the process, I wanted it to be symmetrical

CLose UP

a corner, there's no place like OM

Because this was for Gram, lot's of Love was put into it!

I sorted it by color to make the piece balanced.

The center was hearts, lovely!

And the finished piece.  
(ha, I just realized all the photos are upside down, sorry)

 The frame is a Ribba from Ikea.
I'm so happy withe results.

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