Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Art

I've been working a project for the last few weeks and I'm finally done.  Here's how it all started.  I have two talented young friends and also occasional babysitters that are both going to college to study in the art field. One wants to teach art and the other is a film maker.  Every Monday they get up and head out to our beach at sunrise and go surfing.  They capture the beauty of the surf on a Go Pro.  Then, they let the world have a peek via Instagram.  I drooled over the  beautiful photos.  One particular photo caught my eye and I really wanted to have it printed on canvas and hung in our bedroom. Because of the resolution, I couldn't make this happen, so I decided to paint the scene.

Here's the original photo

I just love how the beauty of nature, all my favorite colors collided in this moment and these two girls captured it.
Here is my first run through,  My first layer.

My second round, adding more.
The finished piece.
This is my husbands Christmas gift.  It's the biggest painting I ever done.  I can't wit to get it professionally framed.  

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