Friday, December 21, 2007

Craft Lab: Stool Redo

I've always wanted to try Mod Podge. Here's my first project. Too bad we do not have a before, cause the stool was kind of boring. First, I painted the stool my favorite colors, blue and silver. Then I cut out all the paper pieces. I wanted to make a sunset with water and trees. I used a Martha's Stamp to make two birds, and free handed all but the sun. Then I glittered the birds. With the Mod Podge , I glued the paper pieces to the stool. Then, I added 3 more coats of Mod Podge. The stool ended up just the way I wanted. There was a couple of bubbles in the sun, but hey I'm far from perfect and so is my stool. Now out stool looks great in the kitchen or whatever room it ends up in.

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Molly said...

Hi aunt gaby! i LOVE your blog! its soo your first comment yeah! ok see you later and i hope you had a GREAT Christmas!