Thursday, January 3, 2008

Craft Lab: Amy Butler Shower Curtain

Here's my Amy Butler shower curtain. When I discovered this fabric, I couldn't wait to add it to our home. The designer of this gorgeous fabric is Amy Butler. My first project was to sew a shower curtain. I learned the basics in Girl Scouts, about 25 years ago and haven't really sewn too much since then. Surprisingly, this was very easy. The most difficult part was lining up the pattern so the 2 panels matched up. I just did a simple stitch all the way around the fabric. After about 3 hours, I was finally finished. I would have liked to have added button holes on the top to put the shower curtain ring through, but the Ikea clip on rings worked great. I added a plastic liner behind the fabric so it doesn't get wet. If anyone is interested in one for your home, please let me know.


D. Zarubin said...

Nice curtain )

Mimi Ross said...

how much would you charge to make a shower curtain?

Kenneth said...


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