Friday, February 6, 2009

Craft Lab- Valentine glittered hearts

Here's a post from last year, I thought I'd repost:
I've been longing to glitter. So I picked up some large wooden hearts and some mini scalloped ones.
1. the kids painted the hearts red with acrylic craft paint
2. we used a paint brush to paint on the watered down glitter glue to the front of the heart pieces.
3. then I sprinkled the glitter on the hearts. (make sure to use the glitter that drops offs over again so you don't waste any) I used 3 different types of glitter, extra fine, fine, and course.
4. go over again with glue and re-glitter, this insures you get great coverage.
5. decorate with them...I added them to mirrors, framed art, ledges, my mobile (use double sided foam tape to adhere to mirrors and framed art)

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