Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the Dish: Eggs for Supper

I saw this recipe on the Martha Show yesterday. It came from Lauren Bank Deens "Kitchen Playdates" cookbook. While I was watching the show, I was laughing the whole time because this mom is on cooking with her 2 little kids and trying to keep her cool while her kids are talking over Martha and telling their mother how to make the recipe. It was like the 5 year old wrote the thing herself. I had most of the stuff, so it went for it. Much to my surprise, this recipe was a breeze and the kids did almost everything. They even ate the whole thing for dinner, which almost never happens. Of course I had to make a few changes. The recipe call for muffin pans, which for some reason I have none. So I used my mini bundt pans. The recipe called for prosciutto ham, however I only had sausage links. I left out the cream. Then for the garnish I used red onion and Gruyere cheese. I highly recommend this meal!

The top photo of the egg dish is what it's suppose to look like, then there is mine.

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Anonymous said...

Me and the kids made these and had a lot of fun. They loved them.