Monday, March 17, 2008

Hankie du Jour

This cute little hanky is the perfect accessory to have around today. Now how would I design a guest room around this? Well, all white walls, white bedding with a scalloped edged bed skirt, I'd have to find a white coverlet with shamrocks quilted on it(all white), the bed shams would be in a sheer fabric. For the walls, pressed shamrocks framed on the walls, a shamrock shaped mirror for above the dresser and a framed piece of Irish linen with a nice quote on it . The furniture would be a dark wood, the bed could be wood too. The chair in the room would be white fabric with a sheer slipcover over it. For the floor, a natural rug, sisal or a nice water hyacinth woven rug. For the windows, a full sheer curtain. OK that's it...for now.

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