Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh My - Life

Hello Readers,

Last June, I wrote a letter to God. Now, those of you who know me personally may question this because, the word God is a hard one for me, so my letter was to the life force. Anyway, in this letter I addressed three wishes I wanted to happen in my life (spiritually, relationships, physically, creatively, intellectually, financially). Basically, I put all these ideas out there in the universe. Well, the letter was mailed back to me yesterday, a year later and I was shocked at what I had accomplished in all aspects of my life. What a powerful exercise. I started a journey of self and I can see I actually grew. Now I can't really share all my personal stuff, but the interesting thing in the letter was that I wanted to go to Hawaii and we actually went to Hawaii last November for the first time. So the point of all this is to ask you to do something like this for yourself. Ask yourself what you need or want, write it down and see what the universe gives you back.
I'm so thankful for the people in my life, and what they bring both good and bad, because it all helps me grow.
Thanks for being part of my journey....


cupid said...

remind me the book of the Law Of Attraction.

House of Milk said...

wow, very inspirational post. thank you for sharing!