Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Craft Lab: Croquet set redo the glitter's on

This was a long day in the craft lab, but so worth it. I got most of the croquet set done. I started out applying the glue in sections then followed with glitter. It's been sort of hot here, so I can only do little sections of glue and glitter at a time or the glue dries too quickly. All glittered areas require two coats, otherwise it just doesn't look right. The balls are totally done. I finished them off with a coat of Mod Podge Outdoor finish. I've never worked with this product before. It's thick like paste and stickier then the other products by Mod Podge. After about 4 hours it's still a little tacky. I'm going to give it a day to dry, then reapply Friday. So as for the rest of the set, I just need to touch up some glitter in a few spots, then I'll go over the glittered part with the Outdoor finish to set the glitter so It doesn't fake off on the white paint. At the very end I'll cover the white area with the finish. I like how the Outdoor Mod Podge takes a little bit of the shiny part of the glitter away, it's a little more doable. Not so bling, perfect for a game on the lawn.

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