Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh my- Life

Today was our 1st day of summer that we didn't need to be anywhere first thing in the morning. It's kinda nice. We made oatmeal and hot cocoa and are getting ready to watch Charlotte's Web.

Yesterday I returned to my former life as a designer. A former client contacted me last week and needed a little help. I have to admit I'm a bit rusty and to top it off, my work is in a new location and everything is in a new place, and I have to relearn stuff. Thankfully, my clients were great and patient with me and so were my co-workers.
Now that the business has moved across the parking lot, things are located in one building and everything is a little easier to find. I love how organized things are. This business has come along way and I'm happy to still belong, even though I'm not actively working anymore.

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