Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh My - Vision Baord

My vision board. The things I want: a veggie garden, a room addition, a hot body, a new washer and dryer etc.
Look in the middle at the washer and dryer underneath the butterfly.
A blurry pic of the new washer.
The super smart new dryer.

"A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality." says Tristan Loo. Oprah introduced the world to this idea a couple of weeks ago and I really wanted to make one. So I got out a pile of magazines and cut away, then glued the images together. I couldn't believe then cuttings all fit together so nicely.
Within 2 weeks my old washer passed away. It leaked all over our new carpet. No worries, it's so hot the mess dried up quickly.
I consider myself an environmentalist. Not the fly by night kind, I've been this way since high school. I'm excited to be one now because of the Internet and the current state of things have overloaded us with so many ways to be "green" that I'm trying to do as much as I can to make a difference.
Here's where my desire to have an energy efficient washer comes in. We're not the kind of people that can just go out in buy what ever we want. We live within our means. We are savers. We talk about major purchases, we weigh them out, look at the pros and cons. The decision to get a new washer was easy, we can't really go without a one. I did a little research online. My honey got us a killer deal through GE and last week our new machines showed up. It's so cool. We decided on the front loader because it used half the amount of water, which means half the amount of gas. So, the kids like to sit in front of it and watch it spin. It's super quiet, too. The loads come out way drier from the super spinning. And the clothes dry on the line in no time at all. Mom is happy. My clothes are clean!
Back to the, this thing really works. I even got to have lunch the other day with the polar bears at the zoo(top left under the balloon). And we are starting to talk about the design of the organic veggie garden. We found a great spot in the back yard. Now we just need to get the wood and start building. I love my life. I'm a happy person, life is good!

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