Sunday, September 28, 2008

Butterfly Park

Sometimes living in a busy suburban area leaves me wanting more space. I was really excited to learn that one our neighborhood parks was being redone. The park was originally built to be a wintering site for migrating Monarch Butterflies. However, the eucalyptus trees were diseased and lacked care for many years. Sadly, no butterfly lived in our butterfly park. Some locals started working with the city and the local tree society and now a year later, we have a great new place for our winged friends. New trees have been planted and hundreds of butterfly plants are planted in beds along the Northern wall. A kiosk just went up and plans for new beds and trees are underway. For me, the park is so special because it's maintained by the people in the community. We water, weed, deadhead, clean, plant and educate. It's truly joyful for me to take my children to this park to work. We go on a caterpillars and butterfly hunts. They are learning how to take care of the plants. This park is for them.

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