Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Dish: Halloween Sugar Cookies

First off, sorry about the blurry photos, these were taken two Halloweens ago, way before blogging. This was a super fun day with our neighbor. I made the dough and frosting ahead of time. Of course, all recipes came from Martha Stewart. I used regular sugar cookie dough and a delicious chocolate dough. The frosting on top is royal icing. To make this a mess free for the toddlers(well almost) I went to Smart and Final and picked oot 2 sets on plastic condiment bottles. I made 2 sets of 6 different colors of frosting. One group was think and one was thin. The thick goes on the outside edge of the cookie to make a sort of wall. The thin is then applied to fill in the void space, it's a little watery so it covers the area smoothly. Click here for Martha Cooking School version.

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