Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Jewels Milk Weed

Life is so beautiful. On my runs, I find all kind of beauty and wish I had a camera with me all the time. One of our neighbors has this crazy English Garden. Her house in bright periwinkle blue with hot pink trim.. I've heard people bag on this crazy house for many years. However, I love that house. I understand the work that goes into maintaining sure a huge beautiful garden. I always glance over as I run by. Lately, I've seen these crazy pods on this bush. They are huge pods, the size on tennis balls. So, I was over at Butterfly Park the other day and saw the same bush. Again, I didn't have my camera. I had to know what this crazy brush was. So I emailed my friend that runs the park and she told me the bush is actually called Family Jewels and it's a milkweed. Butterfly's love milkweed. She's in Costa Rica and asked we to gather some of the seeds from the pods. I had to get over there, before the seeds blow away. Yesterday, I went over and the pods are all still there and the weed is breathtaking. I'll be checking back often to get the seeds, I have to have this in our yard. It's so weird.

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