Sunday, November 30, 2008

Etsy Love- Sara Gardner

I try not to publish things I find on other peoples blogs, however sometimes I just must. Decor8 featured this Etsian a while back and I love this message. She's Sara Gardner, please check out here shop here.
This been my mantra for the last 6 months. So simple, yet hard for me to do. Our minds are in constant thought, and I find that my thoughts can take me away from being present in my life.
My honey actually commissioned me to make something like this. I started the project and haven't finished it. I'm a little more clear of the direction I'd like to take the project now. This next year, I'm taking my crafting into a new direction. I'll be making pieces from sustainable materials, I'm in the research mood now. And I'm going to make art. It might have glitter and be decoupaged, but it will be hung on wall. There I said it, now the universe knows all about it.

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