Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Groove Shoes

I'm in love with my Groove flip flips. I wear them pretty much everyday, for 9 months out of a year. I have many colors: green, white, hot pink, brown and orange. They are comfortable and last forever. I was camping at the beach once, and a sneaker wave came all the way onshore and took out everything on the beach, including one of my groove sandles. I was bummed cause those were the only shoes I had with me. I couldn't bare the thought of going barefoot. I'm not sure how, but like an hour later, my husband spotted them in the water from the bluff we were camping on. He ran down the stairs, and found my missing flip flop. What a guy! I seriously couldn't believe it. So, as I was on my hunt for wedges on line I was checking out Groove and spotted these cute flats.

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