Saturday, June 20, 2009

Etsy Love: Pacific Art Works

I'm so excited to share Pacific Art Works with you. My friend Derek is a very talented Artist. I happen to really like welders, because my late grandfather was a welder. Grandpa would whip up anything I'd ask him to. I met Derek about 6 years ago, he is the husband of one of my mommy friends( I really like her too, she taught me how to organize all my kids toys, for that, I will always to indebited to her.) So, every year we go on this crazy big camping trip 30+ families. Well, at the end of our camping weekend, the group gives out prizes for random things, like coming the farthest, coming a week early, attending every year, etc. The prizes are all amazing metal sculptures made by Derek. Every year, I've admired his creative pieces. When, I joined Etsy, I had to let him know about this great opportunity for him. Well, folks I present the Pacific Ark Works. The pieces are made of recycled materials and are awesome. Way to go Derek!!!

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glenna said...

Your camping trip sounds like fun!
Derek should be a huge Etsy success.