Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jacaranda blooming

June is my favorite month. It always starts with my birthday, then school gets out for the summer, and the jacaranda's are in bloom. I really wanted our wedding to be in June so we could have a photograph underneath one. With both our birthday's in June it just didn't work out to have a June wedding. My Grandma Mary has a huge one in front of her house and I've loved it my whole 37 years. Grandma Mary would probably tell you a different story. The fallen blossoms make a real mess on everything. They leave the cars all sappy and if people walk through the mess on the ground, they track it in the house. Can and one say Yuck? I snapped up this shot in front of my honey's fire station the other day. How cool for them to look out and see this all day!

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amybluestar said...

Cool picture - and happy belated birthday to you!