Monday, June 15, 2009

Pine cone Bird Feeders

We had the great pleasure of attending a special end of the year Tea Party with our Daisy Scouts last week. I was in charge of a five minute craft for the girls. All year long, on our walks to our meetings, we collected fallen pine cones. So, I had a large stash of them to use. I found this simple craft online and thought it would be perfect. I had about a month and and a half to to prep, then waited to the very last minute to throw it together. All I had to do before hand, was to tie some fishing line to the pine cones. I was having some trouble attaching the line, when my handy husband got out some eye hooks and a drill. In no time at all ,we had 25 pine cones strung up and ready for the girls. At the event, I asked the girls to frost the pine cones with the peanut butter, then they rolled them in the bird seed. I was stoked the craft went smoothly, and we managed to not make too much of a peanut butter mess. Now, we wait for the birds.

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HomeSpun Threads said...

love making these so much we made these the other day too. Your tutorial is really great so I think I'll add it to the post.