Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my new bedding

We are a one income family, so everything I spend has to be thought out. I have been wanting to change our bedding for a couple of years. Most of what we have is almost 10 years old. I'm ready for a change. I decided to only buy organic or something old. Well, I blew that plan when I purchased the sheets at Target. They are 1000 thread count and super soft, and the most lushest shade of gray. I love them. So, next up was a new duvet. I found an organic tufted one at West Elm, but the color didn't work. Then, a couple of months ago they introduced a new white version. I finally ordered it on Ebay last week. Next up, the coverlet. I thought I wanted this one, until I saw it was not turquoise enough for me. So, I saw Amy Butler had come out with a whole line of organic bedding by Welspun. I checked it out and fell in love with the charcoal gray coverlet. It took me a few days, before I figured out how to purchase it, Bed,Bath and Beyond is selling the line. So now I just need to order! Oh yeah, I'm thinking about painting the walls a light shade of grey. I can't wait to put it all together for a nice photo shoot. Stay tuned.


junko said...

Cute Blog! I Love seeing all the adorable things you make!

Jennilee said...

It's so peaceful and beautiful bedding set!! I appreciate your choice!! Love it!!