Monday, July 27, 2009

Craigs List I love you

This summer has been a bit crazy over at Mintage Home. Filling our days with lots of fun has been easy. When will the craziness end? I've been having a bit of fun on Craigs list. We purchased a cheapo garage 3 drawer dresser a year ago from Home Depot and it totally fell apart. So, I've been searching endlessly on Craigs List to find a replacement. I was looking for vintage and well made. I finally found one after a 3 week search, right around the corner from my Grandma's House. They also had a nice Highboy. Guess how much for both? $40 bucks!!!!!. It did take me two trips to pick up the pieces (no biggy). I got the first 2 coats of paint on these babies, and they look great already. My son requested the highboy be painted gray. The 3 drawer will be white. Stay tuned.

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