Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh My: Buttons

To keep my children occupied, I have to get creative sometimes. On this day, I pulled out my button collection and we sorted them. So many memories of clothes long gone. We all had a blast looking at all the different kinds buttons.

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Diana Draw said...

Beautiful! This reminds me of the button hat I got in SF years ago, that looks exactly like this one from Anthropologie:
Button Jumble Hat

Perhaps those buttons can be upcycled into a similar fun project - like, making a pattern on a favorite canvas bag or a jacket or hat, or maybe a decorative functional household item like a lampshade or a throw pillow or a picture frame. That way you can make new memories with the beautiful buttons. It's kind of a shame to just let them sit in the dark, out of view. Ooh - even clear jars of buttons might make a cool interior designer-y display on a shelf. There are *so many* possibilities.