Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh my: new Jeans

Do you have a list of things you want to buy, but don't because you can really go with out them? Well, I do and it's long. I'm not the best shopper when it comes to clothes, I really need a shopping friend to help me out. I'm like the only person I know that doesn't have a skinny pair of jeans. Well, yesterday I was visiting with my 15 year old, almost 6' tall niece and she was giving away a few pair of jeans. I tried on the first pair and couldn't get them over my knees. She ran up stairs and grabbed another pair. I wiggled my way into them, and they fit very tightly. So today I ran. And I will run all week until they look just right. I'm so excited! Now, if there were only someone I knew with a wireless printer they didn't want. I've been without a printer for over 6 years and I think I finally need one.

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