Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh My: Worm Poo

We started our Vermiculture bin mid May, and I'm now ready to extract to worm poo and add it to the garden. I've been slowing feeding my red wigglers paper, fruit and veggies, and they finally ate through it all and left me magically with castings. Now getting the worms out of the casting bin is tricky. Do I dump it out and pick the worms out? Yuck! Or do I fill another tray with food and let them crawl upward, and leave the tray with the casting behind? I voted for option two. So, now I'm waiting for them to be nice and comfy in their new home. I shredded lots of paper and egg cartons, and made a nice batch of pureed carrots to entice them upward. Then, I covered it all up with some moist junk mail. I haven't checked on them all week, but I have my figures crossed they are happily enjoying their new space.

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Diana Draw said...

Eww! I love your title. :P LOL

Ah, compost. The reward of beautiful plants is worth it, yes? Worms aren't that bad to pick out - though they can be really strong sometimes in sticking to the dirt. Wear gloves if you're squeamish and don't want the germs. My parents had a huge (4'Hx7'W) homemade compost bin out in their backyard, and it was my bi-weekly job to help my dad get the "good stuff" at the bottom, sans worms. Once he started using that compost, his vegetable garden grew *so fast* and *so healthily*, it was amazing.