Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Halloween Tree

I'm so loving these branches that I got last winter from Trader Joe's. After, the blooms flew off I sprayed painted them white. For Halloween, I added these cute little Halloween clothes pins I made a few years ago for our neighborhood friends. To make the clothes pin creatures, I added decorative tape from Martha's Craft line to both sides of the pins. Then, I cut up 2 Halloween cards our Great Grandma Nanny sent us. It had 6 little scary creatures on each card. I cut out each creature, cutting the back of the card too, to make a blank piece for the back panel. I twisted pipe cleaners to spell out BOO. Then, with my sewing machine, I sewed the pipe cleaner between the two pieces of cards. To finish, I hot glued the the front of the card to one side of the clothes pin.

I love this craft because 1) we recycled the card 2)We will always have something Nanny gave us for every Halloween 3) This was the first time I had sewn paper 4) It's my original idea, and those don't happen often!

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