Monday, December 21, 2009

Our tree. I got a really short one and put it on top of the kiddie's play table. The tree looks really tall. We added LED lights this year, love them. I'm feeling comfortably unstressed this year. WOW! I still have a bunch of little things to do:
  1. Deliver neighbor's holiday cards
  2. Wrap a few more gifts
  3. Buy brother-in- law his gift. I still have no ideas. I have until the 26th, so no stress right?
  4. Plan meals:crockpot for Christmas day, tacos for the 26th celebration. Easy!
  5. Sew new socks on the kiddies stockings
  6. Head to Trader Joes for all the yummy meals I have planned
After listing my stuff I really feel like I'm forgetting stuff. Oh well!

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