Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my camera died

This is our sunset view from our door camping during spring break

Sorry for the lack of posts. Our camera died. The new one is on it's way!!
Here's a list of what I've been up to:
  • running-I have a race next weekend and haven't ran in a while
  • cooking-fresh meals almost every night
  • burning said fresh meals. Now the microwave is ruined. I burnt garlic in it and every time I use it, the burn smell comes back
  • hoeing
  • planting
  • scrubbing
  • organizing
  • dreaming of my new kitchen. The layout is done!!! the contractor comes on Sunday!!
  • viewed a possible Saarinen table top and realized with the new design of the kitchen, that dream may have to be tweaked. I may have to just get the coffee table or the side table. Unless I can find a long skinny oval one, a round one will not fit with the new kitchen design.
  • soaking
  • finding balance
  • ate my first fancy Macaroon
  • Life is good!!!

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