Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My New Stash

My neighbor across the street is a wonderful senior, whom back in the day was a crafter too. She liked to make ornaments and such with pins and sequins. I remember doing one of as a kid, and it was hard work. She's getting up there in age, and is almost blind and can't craft anymore. She's cleaning out her stuff and gave me all this. As I was poking around, I found all kinds of treasures. The best part for me was the sequins. I've been seriously procrastinating the advent calendar project for 3-4 years. Now with this stuff, I have everything I need to get started. Hello summer project.

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suebeesk said...

This vintage Advent Calendar brings much happiness to my eyes and memory. I stitched one when my sons were young, probably 40 years ago. I always stitched when we were at the beach in the summertime. I have now passed this treasure along to the younger son's children and they always look forward to counting down the days until Christmas! Mimi