Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just some bees

Huge Bee swarm
Located right above the kiddies swimming
That's a lot of bees

This is our neighbors pool. The kids were swimming and having a great time, when we found this bee swarm right above them swimming. The kids were even walking on the ledge below the swarm, and didn't notice all the bees for a while. The bees were treated to a nice water blast, and flew away. These guys travel all over the neighborhood going from tree to tree. Sometime, they make their temporary home in the most inconvenient places. This post also shows off my friends awesome backyard. I should really do a photo shoot out there to show how lovely and modern this outdoor space is.

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Jessica said...

Your photos made this look like a swarm of honeybees. If so, they're looking for a new home, because they outgrew their old home (the colony divides: half stay in the old hive with a new queen and half leave with the old queen). The best thing to do when you find one is call the local beekeeper's association, and someone will come and give them a good home.