Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh My: Organized Life

this is embarrassing
our playroom closet was a mess

this is my craft storage cabinet in the garage/studio
The After

Living in a small house is always challenging when trying to juggle 4 people's belongings. I personally don't do well with clutter. I believe it's toxic in our house and I pretty much keep this place in order. However, I have some places I've been avoiding cleaning out forever.

Our summer began with my 5 year old son wanting his own room. This move was planned to happen after our kitchen remodel, which is now on hold 'til we save enough money. So, I pulled all the girl toys out of the playroom, and pulled all his clothes from his shared room with his sister into the playroom. I just moved the trundle bed from their shared room into the playroom and moved his dresser, too. Done right?

OMG they both had so much stuff. The room looked horribly cluttered. So over the past few weeks we've been purging stuff left and right.

Every night when I tuck him in he has a new item he wants for his room. First, he wanted a dirty clothes basket. So, I headed over to the Container Store and picked up the perfect one. The next night it was a window treatment, so I ordered one online and threw up a sheet. Now the next evening he needed a nightlight because the room was too dark. Boy, is this ever going to stop? A few nights later he said he wanted his own closet. You see the closet was full of my stuff. Mommy really loves this boy and he's so good and kind, I had to clean the darn closet. I did it!!!! I did it!!!!

I'm organized. My crafts are all in one space. I threw out lots of stuff. I was holding onto a lot of items for future art/craft projects. I thought to myself, about being in the present and in the present I'm not crafting. I basically just let it all go. I feel free, free from my stuff. It feels so great, I do a happy dance every time I open my new space.


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