Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Lab: Seed packets

The school garden is coming together. Now that the construction is pretty much done, I have to focus on the kids using the garden. I thought about how I was going to distribute the seeds for two weeks and finally figured it out. With the Square foot gardening, you actually don't need to use that many seeds. However, we have 27 classes, and 272 square foot of space to plant. That means each square foot needs a packet. That means, I had to make 272 new seed packets. Holy cow this sounded a bit daunting. I thought out buying small envelops, but I don't want to use up garden funds on envelopes, so I made them.

Meet my Cricut Machine
Thankfully, I remembered I had an envelope pattern on the Christmas Cheer Cartridge.
I figured out how to make the most cuts on my basic white printing paper. And started to cut, and cut and cut some more.
The Cricut make it so easy, and fast to do a project like this.
Here's the cuts before I pull the the paper off.
I cut out 20 envelopes per sheet of paper.
The envelopes are super small, but will be perfect.
I used Rose Art glue stick, perfect for this project.

My first 2, 270 to go!

Wow, this takes forever!
I'm realizing I needed help to get this done.
Some awesome Girl Scouts helped me finish up!
Next up, stuff the seeds, and labeling the packets. With some help from some Mormon missionaries and my mom, we got this job done in about 3 hours.
Wow, I can't believe we got this all done. 272 seed packets. Now, I just need to write out the instructions for the teachers and we can get planting in a few weeks!

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