Monday, September 27, 2010

The School Garden: The DIG IN!

The Before
My garden Motto:
How to you eat an elephant? One peice at a time.

Over the summer, I probably drove everyone I know crazy with all my garden stuff. However, with all my talking, I got lots of great info.

I had no idea, but our local trash company Rainbow Disposal, partnered with one of the states premier green recyclers. They basically take all our green waste and sort into over 250 different soil products. So, we got local recycled soil free. 11 cubic yards!

We also found a local arborist, West Coast Arborist to donate the mulch for the garden too. Here in So Cal, lots of tree cutting companies donate their clipping to city parks, instead of filling up our landfills with green waste. It's a win win for both tree people and the cities. When I found this out, all a had to do was ask for free mulch and they even delivered it. The mulch is 3" deep and covers the whole garden except the beds. 15 cubic yards.

Since we spent all summer doing this project, with a handful of people, I thought it would be nice to plan a school event to promote the garden and get the kids and parents excited about the garden. We held a DIG IN. On Sunday morning, about 25 adults and a bunch of kids, brought out their shovels, wheelbarrels, and buckets and got involved. We were able to conquer both the soil and mulch in about 2 1/2 hours. We had the perfect amount of help!

Here's the garden today!

Next up: the Grids for the beds and the installation of the drip system.

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