Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Lab: Woven Art

Here's another classroom art project we completed for our school auction last month. Each class submits a project and is auctioned off at "A Day With Someone Grand." I found this project online and thought it would perfect for the 2nd graders. We had just taught them how to watercolor with oil pastels, so they breezed thru this. The theme of the class this year is space, so I asked the kids to think of 3 space related ideas. I had them draw with a pencil, the three ideas on a 1" by 17" strip of water color paper. Then, I asked them to trace over the pencil with the oil pastels. Next, they used the water colors to paper the paper. Done. Later, I wove the papers into a grid. Then glued the large woven piece directly on the mat of the frame from Ikea. Super easy. People seemed to really like the project.

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