Thursday, February 17, 2011

Craft Lab: make a pillow with the Brownies

We made these adorable little pillows with our Brownies last month. The girls did a great job and we were all finished in about an hour and half.

to make pillows you need:
large needles
embroidery floss
fabric pins
On a piece of 8 by 11 paper have the kids draw their pattern onto the paper.

 Next, pin the pattern onto 2 pieces of felt 8 by 11) and cut the pattern out.  After the pattern is cut, take the top piece of felt and embellish with little felt pieces, buttons etc. Only sew these embellishments onto the top piece of felt. 

After they have sewn on the embellishments, pin the two pieces of felt back together and sew the pieces of felt together with a running stitch.  Make sure to leave an 1 inch space to add stuffing.

Stuff and close up the hole.

The finished pillow!  Cute as a button.

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