Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Nesting

I have a very large jewelry collection. It's too much and I seriously can't part with any of it. I'm a hoarder when it comes to jewelry.   Over the years I have been given or inherited as many lovely things.  This is just some of my baubles.  What a mess!
I sorted everything and put my fancy stuff back into my big jewelry box.  Now, all my beaded necklaces and non bangle bracelets are sorted. I did manage to weed a little bit out and put the "outs" in the jewelry making bin in the garage.  Now, I can see all my bangles...I think I could even put more in there!   

You see I'm hosting a Stella and Dot party in a few weeks and think I may need some space.   I love this stylish line, they mix vintage and modern together quite nicely.  

I really want the bracelet on the bottom of this stack.  Oh and the gold bangle too! 

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