Monday, April 11, 2011

Craft 52 week 14: Sprucing the house with paint

Craft 52 week 14
Sprucing up the house with paint

I just about touched up every room in the house with some fresh paint this week.  I was having a party and the house need a little TLC. 

The paint I dug out of a cabinet in the garage.
My tools....I simply shook up the containers with the paint in them and poured some paint into a paper cup and went to work touching up all the nicks and chips on the walls.  We made it into a game, the kids got to tell me where I needed to paint.  At one point I even gave them some paint and they helped.  Scary or dumb...but they were very neat thankfully.  I think I was messier then they were.
 Here's a shot of some of the stuff I was dealing with.  My daughter's dresser was totally chipping and needed a fresh coat of paint.  So I had to paint the whole thing.  It only took about 5 minutes to repaint. 
 Now, it's perfect.  No chipping paint.
So this week, I honed my crafting skills into a little home improvement.  It feels great to have the house touched up.   Next week back to crafting.

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