Saturday, May 28, 2011

Craft 52 week 19: Glittered Croquet Set

Craft 52
week 19
Glittered Croquet Set

I was commissioned to make a custom croquet set for a wedding coming up.  The weddings color scheme is Lilly Pulitzer. 

Here's what the set looked like before I started to paint it. 
I couple coats of spray paint later.

Here's a vintage set getting ready to paint.  The white set is our family's personal set.  It was how this whole thing got started.

I set up a little production line on the ottoman.  I made the biggest mess.

The handles drying.

so pretty

A project like this takes F O R E V E R

I asked the bride to send me some photos so I could get a sense of the colors they wanted.  I mixed up special glitter blends so they'd be perfect. 

I learned the hard way, never glitter plastic croquet balls.  The glitter will peel right off. Theses balls are vintage wood ones I bought on Ebay.
My daughter styled this one.  Sweet!

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