Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft 52 week 20: Dip Dyed Napkins

Craft 52
week 20
Dip Dyed Napkins

This project was so much fun.  

I've been so afraid of using RIT dye.  I had a serious aversion to it.  I've had this project sitting on work station in the craft lab for over a year.  I finally got the nerve up to try it. 

I conquered  a big fear, and I'm so happy I did.  Some people are afraid of heights and flying, but I was afraid to dye fabric.  Not anymore!!! 
Here's my inspiration from Anthropologie, no longer available.
please excuse the wrinkles, no time to iron

Here's a nice set of white cotton dinner napkins.

I mixed up the dye and went to work.  I just dipped the ends into the dye solution.  The first one I dipped dry, then I read the direction on the package and it said the cloth should be wet.  So I wet all the rest.  However, I liked the how the dry dipping turned out much better.

The dye color is Teal.  I highly recommend ordering the dye online, they have so many awesome colors now that I couldn't find anywhere locally.

The napkins on the line to dry.

The color was bright at this point, I still need to run them through the washer.

Blue hands.  I did have gloves on, but they just got in the way.

 Here's another batch after I dipped them.  My sink looks gross, sorry!  It's covered in lots of paint from all my craft projects.
Hanging them up on the line to dry.

These hand towels turned out to be my favorite.

Here's the hand towels after washing. The color faded to a soft blue.

 So there you have it, I would totally do this again.



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