Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft 52 week 22: Miniature Art Redo

Craft 52
week 22
Miniature Art Redo
 I picked up these little miniatures at the local thrift store for a few dollars a few weeks ago.  I have a couple of other mini pieces like these that I got years ago and really love.   These new minis were all the wrong colors so I had to tweak them a bit.

The Before

 The frame is matted in a nice pink velvet.  The reds in the painting are the part that was not working.

The Before

The background was awful on this one.
Here's a work in progress shot.  I basically covered up the old painting and started a new.  The original paint was thick and 3 dimensional, so it was easy to repaint  the new colors over the old and still see the pattern.
The Beautiful Minis After
I love this one, I wonder why?  Maybe it because I painted my  new turquoise pot on it.

My new turquoise pot I picked up on vacation last month.

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