Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer almost over

We headed down to Balboa the other day to check out the huge swell hitting our beaches this week. The waves were so big and it was crazy to watch the guys body surfing and surfing. The beach was covered with people oohing and ahhing each set the rolled in front of us.

This is our last week of summer.  I'm so ready for school to start.  I have a super long list of things I want to do, sans the kiddies.

Blogging-I can't wait to start documenting my life again.

Make jewelry-thanks to two great friends, I have a whole new skill set and can't wait to make pretty things.
Gardening-I'm so ready to redo all my containers into succulents=less watering.
Paint-the whole house needs to be painted, I have some crazy ideas.
Organize and Purge-hello this always is a front runner on the to do list, it feels so good.

Redecorate- my daughters room is half way done...
Clean-I need to thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom.

So there's my plan!

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Anonymous said...

Missed your blogging this summer. Welcome back.