Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paint Chip Art-sneak peak

My niece and her friends came over to do a little crafting Friday. I had over a week to prep, but waited to the last minute  to come up with a project.  We ended up doing paint chip art. I went to Pinterest and found lots of inspiration. We didn't quite finish, but I thought I'd show you what we've done so far.  
This is mine.  I decided to go with the triangles.  This took me hours.  I found this to be like a big math problem.  I made the pattern up in my head  and didn't get my groove until after I did the first 8 stripes. 
The is my niece's, she's going with a cool ombre pattern.

Here, she's almost done.  I'd like to make one just like this using metallic.
The is our friends, she was going for a breaking wave.  Can you see it?  After she was done we realized we needed to use rubber cement instead of Mod Podge.  She's going to add a layer or two of a glaze on hers so it looks more finished.
The is our other friends, she is really a great artist and went for a cool pattern using half circles.
The almost finished wave, the only problem is all the messy glue.
I worked on this till I couldn't sit anymore and went back to work on it a few hours later, sometimes it's nice to walk away and come back with a fresh perspective. 

This is my daughters, I love it!!!!!
Now I need to get some rubber cement and glue mine to a poster board.  I'll post the finished piece soon. 

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