Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Bedding

It takes me a long time to finsh up design projects at home. I think about everything for a long time and make sure I make the right purchases. Back in September we painted and redid my 8 year olds bedroom.  Here it is:

We have everything done except the bedding.  I finally picked here up a duvet insert and we picked out this lovely cover from Urban Outfitters on sale to boot!  The room is primarily blue but has green and lavender accents too.  The big floral of the duvet will pull the whole thing together.  I can wait till it gets here.

I also purchased this cover for the master bedroom.  We've had a lovely white cover that folds over the end of the bed which I love, but this one will be add to the rotation now too.  I also found this one was on sale too! 

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