Friday, June 15, 2012

School Garden Pavers

We celebrated our schools 50th anniversary on Saturday.  It turned out to be an awesome event.  I ran  the paint a garden paver booth and loved seeing all the kids painting and getting their art on.  Aren't they cool? Now, I just need to install them!


Leanne said...

Hi, I was admiring the lovely pavers your school kids made. Can you tell me about the durability of the paint. Is it weather proof ? Would love to know as we are planning a fundraiser for our school and thought the pavers were a lovely idea. Thanks Leanne

Gabrielle Miller said...

Hi Leanne,
Glad you liked our little project. The Garden mom before did this project about 4 years ago and I used the same method and the pavers are holding up in the elements pretty well. We got he pavers donated. This made it a really great fundraiser. One of our schools mom's is a landscape architect, she called her rep at the paver company, they graciously gave us a pallet. Only problem was transportation, a pallet is very heavy, so we could only take 1/2. We used basic acrylic paints to paint only the top of the pavers. After they were dry I used a clear coat of spray paint to seal the paint. The clear coat holds up well. I hope this info helps!