Wednesday, October 3, 2012

new stuff

I'm so sorry for my lack of posts.  My wonderful new Iphone is not working and I feel like part of me is lost.  Sad.  You see ever since I did that darn ios6 upgrade on my phone, my camera doesn't work.  So I have nothing.  Hopefully it will be fixed on Thursday.  Except this, we ordered a new Headboard.  I'm so excited.  Our current bed is a huge sleigh bed, that takes up too much room in our little room.  Our new bed will give us a foot more of space in the room.   There is also talk of painting the room.   I'd like to wallpaper.  Not sure yet what we should do yet, I must ponder all our options.  I'd love some grayish grass cloth with gold or silver in it.  Stay tuned.

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